Marvin Hagler vs Tommy Hearns | A Reminder That Boxing Is Not What It Used To Be

Marvin Hagler vs Tommy Hearns | A Reminder That Boxing Is Not What It Used To Be

As I was on my way to view the next part in Milton Friedman’s ‘Free to Choose’ series, I got distracted by a boxing video on my youtube homepage.  It was in the recommended section.  As this blog is still in its most premature stages, I feel as if it’s not conducive for me to simply talk about one subject and only one subject.  I enjoy a great many things, and before I become a niche blog centralized in the affairs of economics (although I should spend more time talking about writing my next book), I also want to touch on other things that I’m quite fond of.  One of those things is my recent interest in boxing.

Just several weeks ago, before my pursuit in learning about economics, and my digression from watching mainstream news, there was a particular vacancy outside my writing endeavors that I usually would fill by watching the news.  I’m sure I’ll make a different post about why I stopped watching mainstream news, but to make it short, I was in an airport terminal watching how the news went on for a full interview saying that ‘this was the worst it’s ever been.’  The following interview was much the same.  From then on, I decided to stray away from watching mainstream news.

I’m not sure what I did to pass the time, but given that it was during this time that Rick and Morty’s season 3 came out, I’m sure I was watching that.  Then the Mayweather and McGregor fight came along and there was just something about that fight that wasn’t exciting.  A week or two later, I was sitting in front of my television searching youtube on what to watch, and I decided to finally watch a Mike Tyson fight.

Mike Tyson had gained fame in the 80’s and 90’s.  His likeness was replicated for video games and cartoons like the Simpsons.  I had never seen one of his matches.  On that day, watching youtube a couple weeks after the Mayweather and McGregor match, it felt like I was watching something more.  Watching Tyson in his prime perform knock out after knock out after knock out was inspiring.  It may not have been the Mayweather / McGregor fight itself that made it lackluster, but it was probably more so that they created a world tour where they basically talked smack about each other to rile up a crowd and get people interested in watching the fight.  To many, it appeared as less of a fight and more like a money grab.

Sports is different today than it was a decade or so ago.  Athletes are defined more by their merchandise than they are their athletics.  I hear so much about sponsors and not enough about making history.  With that, I wanted to post up the fight that I found today on youtube between Marvin Hagler and Tommy Hearns.  Watching it, you get a sense of heart and willpower, this overall measure of the human spirit.  It acts as a reminder that boxing and maybe all of sports is not what it used to be.  The match last three rounds, ending in a knockout.  The first round itself has said to be one of the greatest rounds in boxing history.

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