Meditation To Fix The Brain

Meditation To Fix The Brain

I began meditating every day for the past three days.  I actually started about a week ago, but only started making it a habit three days ago.  I wrote the reason why on the Body Building Forums:

Meditation is pretty much why I decided to come to this forum so I guess I’ll give this thread a bump. I’ve been quite disappointed with the current circuitry of my brain. I’ve noticed that I haven’t been able to keep focus on one thing for a long period of time. I want to credit this to indirectly adopting a sort of ‘millenial’ mindset. I get bored quite frequently watching movies that aren’t visually stimulating every second. I’ve started to get irritated with youtube video vloggers who excessively use jumpcuts. I’ve started to notice myself going straight to social media to aimlessly browse through facebook and reddit looking for something entertaining.

I began meditating every morning for 15 minutes. It’s difficult. By next week, I plan to push it to 20 minutes. Every week, I’ll probably push it another five minutes until I get to an hour. After a week at an hour, I’ll probably go back to 30 minutes for a while. To be honest, by the time I’ll do that, I’ll probably shift to a different workout routine as I usually do. (before this, I used to focus on running.)

This morning, while I was turning off my alarm, I could feel myself pulling towards opening the Facebook application on my phone.  I stopped.  Before I stayed in bed for the next thirty minutes mindlessly going through social media, I wanted to make sure I get up, go through the typical habitual bathroom routine, and go meditate first.  When I was washing my face, I noticed more about the temperature of the water and the texture of it as it made contact with my face.  I’m beginning to see how I’m always searching for the next thing to do and how I’m always skipping to that instead of being a part of what’s in front of me.

I did my fifteen minutes of meditation and afterward just looked out the window watching the trees outside until I noticed that it was slightly showering.  I feel like meditation is slowing things down.  Later when I was online, I noticed myself typing in the url of different social media websites that I would go to just to go to them, but instead kept my head focused on what I was actually supposed to do next.  I started writing this post, and even when I went over to the Body Building Forum in search for the fragment of text that I posted above, I was distracted by another post, but instead decided that I should continue on doing what I was doing.

I’m feeling that the meditation thing is working.

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