Reddit Word Prompt Compendium: Volume 1

Reddit Word Prompt Compendium: Volume 1

I began writing word prompts on Reddit.  The Reddit word prompt community is basically a community where people post up a word prompts and Redditors reply with a short story.  These aren’t all of my word prompts, but they are just a few of them.

You are an immortal serial killer. You were caught and sentenced to life in prison. The prison is starting to get suspicious of why you won’t age.

You, a human, has been summoned by a cult of demons.

After dying, you wake up lying on a bed. You’re wearing virtual reality goggles, and a person next to you says, “Your session time expired. Would you like to play again?”

Describe ordinary events and actions to a human, but from a Dog’s perspective who thinks they’re magic.

You wake to find a demon laying beside you, lovingly watching you rest.

Your mother was a Centaur, your father; a Minotaur. You are a horse, but with human intelligence. The recent crime spree? Definitely not you, no one ever suspects the horse.

As humanity spreads into the stars unexpectedly fast, they encounter something terrifying.

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