The Legalization of Recreational Drugs

The Legalization of Recreational Drugs

This morning, I had a notification on Goodreads asking if I would like to reply to a certain thread on the discussion board.  The thread was asking whether or not I believe society would be better off with the legalization of recreational drugs.  The thread was started by James Morcan, the author of The Orphan Trilogy.

Here is my response:

I try not to have an opinion-opinion about these sort of topics. I prefer to say that this is what I hear from other people and this is what other much more informed people believe. As for me, I prefer to keep my actual interests a little bit more hidden unless I, personally, have to make a decision on these things. With that being said, here’s a link to a video by the economist, Milton Friedman, on his take on the legalization of drugs.

To provide a counter for his argument by using the example of marijuana, I see the bigger issue isn’t going to be the drug itself but the marketing. In San Francisco where marijuana has been recently legalized, marijuana is marketed as if it’s a healthy fruit smoothie. It’s plastered up on billboards, there are commercials for it with smiling people. I don’t believe its motivation for doing so, is to get more people addicted to marijuana as much as it is more focused on boosting business. When trying to improve business, marketing throws out the ethics and consequences and paints a pretty picture. Think of the pilot episode of Mad Men pertaining to cigarettes in which they throw out the consequences of cigarettes and market cigarettes as ‘toast.’ It’s the same with what’s happening with marijuana right now. We’re throwing out the consequences and filling that empty space with feelings of acceptance. What happens when this is cocaine, or acid, or drugs higher up on the destructive scale?

There was an episode on Family Guy where Lois and Peter join a talent show and believe that they did well but really were just yelling in the mics the entire time. Chris tells them what they did, and afterward gives them a lecture on the effects of THC. Here’s part of the clip, Unfortunately, the lesson on THC is cut out.

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