*New Book* That Which Is Kept In The Castle

Today I have went ahead and launched the second installment of The Engine Behind Miracles.  The new book, That Which Is Kept In The Castle, begins where The Engine Behind Miracles left off.  Ero, a child ripped from his family to join the world of the faeries is left on a desolate island forever walking along the sand that overlooks the waters.  I leave you with the description.  Again, it’s a quick read and, as of right now, it’ll be priced at 99 cents.

Here’s the link to purchase it on Amazon.



Abandoned in a desert of white sands, dark waters, and an always watching moon, Ero struggles to come to terms with his previous life and the practicality that he will have to spend forever in isolation. Without days, time would not exist to Ero. Suffering from the open-ended possibility that he may have to spend forever imprisoned. alone along the never-ending sand, Ero suddenly finds that the sands begin to change. Finding himself in yet another new and unreal world, Ero finds how the afterlife is much the same as his previous life. People who spent their entire lifetime end up doing the exact same thing. The only difference is that now they have until eternity. People who could not find happiness in a hundred years have very little chance of finding happiness in an eternity.

Jonathan Manor is the author of The Day Sex Robots Worked Customer Service and The Engine Behind Miracles. He blogs at eveningrevolution.net

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