My name is Jonathan Manor. I am the author of The Day Sex Robots Said No To Fat Chicks, The Children of Aphrodite, and The Creative District.  As of right now, November 2017, I also have another book coming out soon.  If you would like exclusive updates, do sign up for the newsletter.

It’s fully understandable that many people have questions on the specific title of one of my books. It is unfortunate that today the general public is not looking for happiness or inspiration. The general public is looking to be offended. It’s almost as if they feed off of it. The reason behind my title is not to offend, it is to attract attention.  The public looking to have an opinion, to feel important, to feel like they have a voice amongst a crowd, and the only way that happens is by searching for the opportunity to be offended.  I’m giving people what they want.  After people realize that, they can choose to accept that I am simply a writer: I absorb and digest all that surrounds me in my environment and I pour that out on paper. I take no sides. I take no pity or pride with any party or section. I simply exist. I do not like to overcomplicate things. However, I do like playing with the expansion of an idea to explore and amuse myself.

The three books I have out currently are:

The Day Sex Robots Said No To Fat Chicks:

The book follows a sex robot named Succo who has been programmed with a conscience.  In doing so, he has very little interest in sex and much more of an interest in the inferior display of human life.

The Children of Aphrodite

The book is about a dystopian Europe in which its cities had fallen apart because of its destructive view against men.  Recruited by the Grandmother’s Covenant, the book follows six boys and two chaperones as they travel across Europe to view its lost traditions and customs.

The Creative District

The book follows Ethan Morgan, a young boy who has woken up from his coma to his mother’s suicide.  He runs into a young girl at a train station and swirling glass orbs appear.  The book is a fantasy / science fiction book about how people with medical deficiencies are ostracized from society because society sees them as different, or how people with medical deficiencies ostracize themselves because they see themselves as different.


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Ciao, ci vediamo presto.  

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